Scott Lawrence
for Milford NH State Representative

Scott Lawrence

Democracy only works as well as citizens make it work. Making it work requires passion and commitment. I'd like to do my part by making our State government fairer, more practical, and better serve the people of Milford.

Democratic State Rep Ticket

The House in 2022-23 session was controlled by Republicans, but with a margin so narrow that often the difference was how many from each side were absent on any given day.  Milford had 2 Republican representatives and for much of it one representative that was elected as a Democrat but left the party. If we are to succeed in regaining the House majority it is essential that Milford Democrats take back those 3 seats. Please support my fellow Democrats:

Megan Murray

Megan Murray
(Floterial district shared with Amherst)

Peter Petrigno

Peter Petrigno
3 term incumbent representative

Paul Dargie

Paul Dargie
current Selectman
and past representative

Michael Varraso

When I ran in 2022, I was endorsed by all these fine organizations

... and I hope to be this year as well

NEA-New Hampshire is the largest union of public employees in the state. Its more than 17,000 members advocate for the children of New Hampshire and public-school employees, and promote lifelong learning, I'm proud to have been recommended by these dedicated educators.

My campaign has been awarded the 2022 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction for advocating for gun violence prevention and making a commitment to govern with gun safety in mind.

I share the NH Sierra Club commitment to clean energy solutions that move the state beyond dirty fossil fuels like coal, oil and expensive nuclear power. It's past time to build a safe, clean energy future based on energy efficiency, clean energy, and American innovation. I'm proud that they have endorsed me.

I support legalizing cannabis for adult use including home cultivation. I'm happy to be included in the Common Sense Candidates list of the NH Cannabis Party.

The Progressive Turnout Project is the largest voter contact organization in the country. I join them in urging progressive voters to help turn our state around, and am proud to have their support.

Teamsters Local 633 represents over 4,700 NH members working as everything from police officers to beer distribution workers. I'm proud to have been endorsed by an organization that has done so much for NH workers.

314 Action works to support the election of candidates with backgrounds in science and engineering, I'm proud to have been endorsed by them along with so many other pro-science problem solvers.